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Join us on a fascinating walking tour of Galveston's Historic Red Light District.  We'll walk "THE LINE" where prostitution flourished for over 70 years...and was a  tolerated and accepted part of the social and economic fabric on the island. Relive the days when "The Mob" ran the island and vice was king.  We visit 8 bordellos that are still standing, the sites of the casinos and bootleg joints that made Galveston "Sin City", The "Interdependent State of Galveston" and "Pleasure Island" on our 11/2 hour walking tour of the notorious and once flourishing industry. Meet the ladies, the madams, and houses where prostitution thrived! There is nothing like the history of Galveston's Red Light District any where in the country. Our tours are highly recommended and rigorously researched and will be the most memorable 11/2 hour of your trip to Galveston... maybe of your life!
Vintage photo of a prostitute nicknamed Tea Cup Sally
Vintage 19th century prostiution license

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“The Red Light District Tour was shocking, brutal and fascinating! We learned so much about the Galveston that was.”

“The most memorable tour we've ever taken. We highly recommend this tour.”

 “Undoubtedly the best tour on the island...

probably the best tour on the subject.”

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